• Accesible web design
    and based in HTML5+CSS3+Javascript standars. Semantic mark-up and last generation graphical effects.
    • Responsive Design
    • Striking design and online presence
    • CloudApp Real Estate Management
    • Google Apps for our customers
  • Software for you
    We develop projects from scratch, we start to create your solution in a notepad till finish it.
  • tek consulting
    Our knowledge permit us offer consulting solutions and design projects and networking, backup, migration and messaging solutions. We are Google Apps resellers.
  • Our software
    We develop management solutions, inmotek y gestek, inmotek for real estate agencies and gestek as medium size management solution.
  • saresoft and social networks
    a means of communication emerging and should not escape our perception. Besides being a great tool for sharing information and resources. So we do that.

online presence

Online SEO, company websites and social networks

We design, develop and create an online presence strategy for your company.

software development

We note your requirements and solutions OFFER

We study your project carefully to analyze the needs of your company. We seek to give you a solution tailored to your needs. With an accessible cost and using the tools of development in the cloud.


Real estate management software

( ) , have a complete management program and publish the best real estate , free and paid portals. There are different configurations depending on the needs of each agency , single agency , inmoibiliario group franchise.